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Evans Hydraulic Red Bass Drum Head 20"


Evans Hydraulic Red Bass Drum Head 20"

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Evans Hydraulic Red Bass Drum Head, 20 Inch

Evans red Hydraulic series features a thin film of oil between two plies of 7mil film offering maximum durability, and a fat, deep and short sound pioneered by early 70's rock and roll. Hydraulics are famously easy to tune, making them a perfect fix for troublesome drums and players with little tuning experience. Evans Level 360 technology is incorporated to extend the level playing surface of the drumhead, 360 degrees around the drum. The vertically enhanced collar design guarantees even contact with the critical bearing edge of the drum shell, resulting in: ease of tuning, extended pitch range and optimum quality of sound. Evans Level 360 technology resolves the age-old dilemma of traditional synthetic heads consistently not fitting the drum shell without using considerable force.


For over 60 years, Evans has been an innovator in drumhead manufacturing and design. As the creator of the first synthetic drumhead and other revolutionary products such as EMAD, Hydraulics, and the UV1 series, Evans drumheads are designed with the intent of solving problems for drummers. Regarded for high quality and consistency all Evans drumheads are made in the USA and feature Level 360 Technology.


20" drum head with a thin layer of oil between two plies of film to suppress unwanted overtones

Two plies offer consistency and durability for longer playing time

A fat, deep and short sound pioneered by early 70's rock and roll

Also available in a glass (clear), black, and blue versions

Exclusive Level 360 Technology collar design ensures proper contact between drum head and drum shell

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