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Line 6 HELIX HX Effects v3.50


Line 6 HELIX HX Effects v3.50

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HX Effects features 100+ effects taken from the award-winning Helix® hardware and software processors, all in a compact, pedalboard-friendly format, and up to nine effects can be run simultaneously. In addition, legacy effects from the acclaimed Line 6 M-Series and Stompbox Modeler pedals are also included. Effortlessly edit effects using the eight capacitive-sensing footswitches, six scribble strip LCDs, and color-coded LED rings. Simply touch a footswitch with your finger to instantly jump to any effect, quickly adjust a parameter, or assign controllers. HX Effects also offers a choice of analog bypass or DSP bypass with trails, and an industry-leading 123dB of dynamic range delivers tremendous depth and ultra-low noise. Extensive routing and control options provide flexibility in the studio or on stage, and facilitate easy integration with traditional pedalboards and amps.


* 100+ HX effects for your pedalboard—run up to 9 simultaneously

* Additional legacy effects library from M13®, M9®, M5®, DL4TM, MM4 TM, FM4 TM, and DM4 TM

* Capacitive-sensing switches with LED rings and scribble strips

* Acts as the command center for your entire amp and pedal rig



HX Effects features the same HX audio engine as Helix processors, and leverages powerful DSP processing to run up to nine effects simultaneously. 123dB of dynamic range ensures exceptional depth, responsiveness, and ultra-low noise.



HX Effects features more than 100 of the same effects featured in our Helix guitar processors, including distortions, delays, reverbs, modulations, pitch/synth/filters, compressors/limiters, EQs, wahs, and a six-switch looper. A Legacy library of effects from the Line 6 M13®, M9®, M5®, DL4TM, MM4 TM, FM4 TM, and DM4 TM pedals is also included, and users can even load custom impulse responses (IRs) for stage/FOH routings and acoustic guitar body resonance.



HX Effects accurately recreates the behavior of even the most idiosyncratic vintage effects by modeling their individual components. For example, the Transtronic process emulates the unique behavior of multiple germanium and silicon components, making it possible to authentically recreate fuzz, distortion, and other pedals once considered too persnickety to convincingly model; and the Throbber is a “virtual lightbulb” that mimics the decidedly nonlinear behavior of the small incandescent bulb and four photocells inside the original Shin-ei Uni-Vibe pedals that are essential to their unique sound and vibe. HX Effects also lets you load HX Effects also lets you load third-party speaker cabinet impulse responses (IRs) for stage/FOH routings and acoustic guitar body resonance.



Helix 3.50 Firmware - What's New

The Helix 3.50 firmware update for Helix® and HX® hardware devices and the 3.50 software update for the Helix Native plugin introduces an entirely new IR-based speaker cabinet engine. It includes 20 guitar cabs and four bass cabs with a choice of 12 microphones, and you can change their angle, position, and distance in relation to the cabs. You can even drag the mics around in space for easier and more exact placement when using the HX Edit 3.50 application. Despite their increased power, however, the new cab models only utilize roughly one-third to one-fifth of the DSP as the cabs in version 3.15 and earlier due to the improved Helix Core, freeing up additional DSP for other purposes. There are also five new amp models, seven new effects, a Dual IR block, and other improvements.


New Models:

Guitar Cabs (Single and Dual versions)
- 1x10 US Princess - captured from* the 1x10" Fender® Princeton Eminence® Copperhead
- 1x12 Grammatico - captured from* the 1x12" Grammatico® LaGrange P12Q
- 1x12 US Deluxe - captured from* the 1x12" Fender Deluxe Oxford
- 1x12 Cali EXT - captured from* the 1x12" Mesa/Boogie® Extension Cab
- 2x12 Blue Bell - captured from* the 2×12" Vox® AC-30 Fawn Blue
- 2x12 Double C12N - captured from* the 2×12" Fender Twin C12N
- 2x12 Jazz Rivet - captured from* the 2×12" Roland® JC-120
- 2x12 Mail C12Q - captured from* the 2×12" Silvertone® 1484
- 2x12 Mandarin 30 - captured from* the 2x12" Orange® PPC212 V30
- 4x10 Tweed P10R - captured from* the 4×10" Fender Bassman P10R
- 4x12 Greenback25 - captured from* the 4×12" Marshall® Basketweave G12 M25
- 4x12 1960A T75 - captured from* the 4×12" Marshall 1960A T75
- 4x12 Blackback 30 - captured from* the 4×12" Park® 75 G12 H30
- 4x12 Brit V30 - captured from* the 4×12" Marshall 1960AV V30
- 4x12 Cali V30 - captured from* the 4×12" Mesa/Boogie 4FB V30
- 4x12 Mandarin EM - captured from* the 4×12" Orange Eminence
- 4x12 MOO)))N T75 - captured from* the 4x12" Sunn® Cab w/G75T
- 4x12 Uber T75 - captured from* the 4×12" Bogner® Uberkab T75
- 4x12 Uber V30 - captured from* the 4×12" Bogner Uberkab V30
- 4x12 XXL V30 - captured from* the 4×12" ENGL® XXL V30


Bass Cabs (Single and Dual versions)
- 1x15 Ampeg B-15 - captured from* the 1×15" Ampeg® B-15
- 2×15 Brute - captured from* the 2×15" Mesa/Boogie 2×15 EV
- 4×10 Garden - captured from* the 4x10" Eden® D410XLT
- 8x10 SVT AV - captured from* the 8×10" Ampeg HeritageTM SVT®-810AV


- MOO)))N T Nrm - based on* the Normal channel of the Sunn Model T
- MOO)))N T Brt - based on* the Bright channel of the Sunn Model T
- MOO)))N T Jump - based on* the Normal + Bright channels in the Sunn Model T 
- PV Vitriol Crnch - based on* the Crunch channel of the Peavey® Invective
- PV Vitriol Lead - based on* the Lead channel of the Peavey Invective


- Pillars OD (Mono, Stereo) - based on* the Earthquaker Devices® Plumes
- Vital Dist (Mono, Stereo) - based on* the Earthquaker Devices Life (distortion)
- Vital Boost (Mono, Stereo) - based on* the Earthquaker Devices Life (boost)
- 4-Voice Chorus (Mono, Stereo) - Line 6 Original
- FlexoVibe (Mono, Stereo) - Line 6 Original
- Dynamic Ambience (Mono - Stereo), Line 6 Original
- Boctaver (Mono, Stereo) - based on* the Boss® OC-2 Octaver


New Features & Performance Enhancements:
- Dual IR Blocks
- Disable Snapshot Control over Parameter Assignment
- Improved Encoder Ballistics

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